Doing Your CV

Guide to Doing Your CV

CV Rules

Before doing your CV this is how agencies and clients want to see from your CV.

How Agents and Employers now want to see CVs

The best CV Advice I ever received

Advice from Agents

If your CV doesn’t match what an agency wants from it then you won’t be put forward to clients. See what they want in the following articles.

How your CV should look – by an Agent

CV Tips from an experienced IT Recruiter

Advice from Clients

Once your CV gets past the agency, here is what clients want to see from your CV. See whom they select and whom they reject. Read about the criteria they use when selecting people for interview.

How I select IT Contractors for Interview by an IT Client

Client – How I shortlist 5 CVs from 100

A Client – Your CV has got just 30 seconds to impress me

How I chose Contractors by Software Development Manager

How a Successful CV should look

How to dramatically improve your CV or resume

What You Can Get Away With

Do you ever wonder if you can, or cannot, ‘tailor’ your CV. Here is what you can get away with and what you can’t when doing your CV.

How to Lie on Your CV and get away with it

Lies I get away with on my CV

Am I the only contractor who has never lied on his CV?

CV Rejection

IT Contractors are always very disappointed when their CVs don’t get selected. Here are the seven main reasons why your CV will get rejected. Read this and then check the list against your CV.

7 Reasons a CV will get binned

It is a very competitive market out there, the IT Contracting market. You’ve got to make sure that you have the edge against the competition. Every little edge counts. Lots of little edges count a lot when you are doing your CV.

If you follow the above advice you will have a lot of little edges on the competition and some big edges.

The more you have, when doing your CV, the more successful and rich a contractor you will be.