Dealing with Clients

Guide to Dealing with Clients

When contractors are dealing with clients they are astonished as to the idiotic reasons they have for doing certain things. They appear to be acting against their own best interests.

For instance, they seem over-enamoured with agencies and what they can do for them. they would much rather take a contractor through an agency then take then direct – even though it was cheaper.

Again, they would rather take the word of an agency about the abilities of a contractor rather than another contractor.

Perhaps that’s why most of their projects fail. Maybe it is because their Project Managers are those not good enough to become contractors. Anyway, here are 10 reasons why clients are complete idiots. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Ten Reasons why Clients are complete Idiots

Clients Dirty Tricks on IT Contractors

Clients can be very sneaky when dealing with IT Contractors. Here are 13 Dirty Tricks that they pull on IT Contractors. You may have experienced some of them when dealing with clients.

13 Dirty Tricks that Clients get up to with Contractors

Getting Repeat Business from Clients

Contractors should get a lot more repeat business from their clients than they do get. Clients often want to take contractors on again that they used before.

An agency told me that when clients contact them with the names of contractors that they want to use again for a new project, half of them can’t be found again.

Isn’t that ridiculous?

There could have been times when you were out of work, desperate for work, when someone has been looking for you to give you a contract and they can’t find you?

Here’s what you should do to prevent this when dealing with clients. Make sure that this never happens to you.

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