IT Contractor Mortgages

IT Contractor Mortgages

Here’s some questions about IT Contractor Mortgages and how easy it is to get them.

What problems do Contractors have getting Mortgages?

Contractors are now getting specialist IT contractor mortgages.

If a contractor walked into a High Street bank and tried to get a contractor mortgage he or she would have all sorts of problems. As everyone knows a Limited company contractor tries to pay him or herself as little as possible. That’s so they can pay themselves in dividends. However, the bank would simply take the contractors actual salary paid by the company and multiply it by 3 or 4 or 5. That would depend on what they normally offer as a multiple.

It means that the offer would be even less than they would have got as a permanent worker. Also, the contractor would have to provide three years accounts. So, they would have to have contracted for at least three years.

What is a Specialist Contractor Mortgage?

Specialist IT Contractor Mortgages providers have sprung up over the last few years. They can get contractors much higher mortgage offers. Also, they don’t have to show three years of accounts.

Because of the reputation they have built up, they have credibility with mortgage providers. So, they can get contractors mortgages based on their gross pay. That is a multiple of all they earn and not just what they pay themselves from their limited company. Contractors can get their mortgage quotes in just a few days too through these specialist contractor mortgage providers.

Who are CMME?

CMME are one of those specialised IT contractor mortgages companies. They have spent many years overcoming the objections of High Street lenders. They can now offer unique mortgage underwriting based on a simple multiple of your contract rate alone. In this way you can get the same competitive deals that a permie would get. However,, as you earn a lot more you would get a much higher offer.

Whether you want to climb the property ladder or release capital to pay off other commitments or just treat yourself to a new car, lenders are simply falling over themselves to grab market share.

The Specialist Contractor Mortgage Service

Using our unique contract based underwriting we are able to source

  • competitive mortgage schemes with High Street lenders
  • mortgages available in the the first week of your first contract
  • with or without a deposit even including a scheme that allows you to borrow 125% of the property value
  • offsets, cheque-book mortgages, fixed and discounted schemes
  • credit repair schemes for those with poor financial histories
  • buy to lets
  • let to buys
  • overseas mortgages
  • commercial mortgages

We pride ourselves on offering what we know as ‘full advice’ based on your needs and circumstances. Many intermediaries and institutions will now only provide you with ‘information only’ on mortgage schemes. We are also happy to provide what we refer to as a ‘whole of market’ service. This means we can advise you on and arrange a suitable mortgage from all the lenders and from all of their product range.

Different Specialist Brokers

What makes us different from less specialized brokers:

  • You may ask yourself why you would ever need to enlist the help of a specialist IT contractor mortgages adviser. There are over 160 mortgage lenders in the UK. Many appear to be falling over themselves to lend to you. You can log onto a mortgage sourcing website and seemingly obtain an agreement in principle in seconds for any number of schemes. Also, the financial advisers in every bank and estate agent in the country seem only too happy to help. Unfortunately the experience of the majority of contractors, however, proves that it just ain‘t that easy.

Short Term Contractor Work

  • Many lenders backtrack when a live application hits their underwriters. Online agreements in principle prove worthless. They are not sufficiently flexible to reflect the reality of short term contractor work. Less specialist brokers, therefore, run for cover when they hit the first hurdle. They give up completely or try to push you down the uncompetitive ‘non-status’ mortgage route. All this uncertainty represents wasted time that you may not have in today‘s hectic housing market.

House Buying Process

  • We have put a lot of work in over the years to transform the house buying process for contractors from a lottery into something as close to a certainty as possible. Our rejection rate, therefore, is less than 1% on applications. So, we achieve this by carefully presenting an application in such a way as to emphasis your employability, sustainable high income and future prospects. We also uniquely ask for your CV so that our contacts at the lenders are assured that they are dealing with a professional in the field. We carry out the entire liaison with the lender on your behalf. This is from initial calculation of your monthly mortgage payments through to your moving date. This ensures that you have one less thing to worry about at, what can be very stressful stage of your life. This leaves you free to concentrate on the contract.

Multiples of Contract Rate

  • We try to use generous multiples of up to 4 times your contract rate rather than use projections of your accounts. Higher loan sizes are therefore far more likely to be achievable, with reduced supporting paperwork and no delay whilst your accountant is contacted for current years projection etc.

No Extended Loyalty Periods

  • We avoid schemes that feature extended loyalty periods that lock a borrower into uncompetitive rates. So, we similarly try to offer options that avoid the usual mortgage indemnity premiums charged by most lenders where borrowers can find less than 10% deposit. We are able to secure finance for contractors with little or no deposit on this basis. Where a contractor is interested in a re-mortgage we can often ensure that all legal and admin costs are met by the new lender.

No Premiums on Mortgage Rate

  • We do not believe that, as a contractor, you should pay a premium on your mortgage rate because of the manner that you work. Unlike many less specialized IT Contractor mortgages brokers, we always try to avoid the inflated mortgage rates charged by so called ‘self certification’, ‘sub prime’ or ‘non status’ lenders who many advisers suggest are the only sure way of getting the finance you need as a contractor.

Avoid Poorly Trained Staff

  • We avoid the mortgage lenders poorly trained ‘branch’ staff wherever possible. We work very closely with key underwriters at the centralized admin units of many institutions. That’s so that they now fully understand and view positively your status as a contractor. These close relationships with the actual decision makers enable us to dramatically reduce the time taken to secure your mortgage. Each week we even resubmit cases to our contacts where a client has been turned down by the same mortgage companies High Street outlets! Unfortunately the branch staff will have wasted crucial weeks before declining a client. So, we must then try hard to make up for lost time. It is clearly far better to deal with our key relationships at outset.

Proven Lenders

  • We will only approach, therefore, those lenders who have proven by their actions to be flexible enough to make certain that your house purchase actually happens. There are a huge number of mortgage providers, seemingly falling over themselves to lend you money. However, most will suggest that they are contractor friendly only to then backtrack once it is too late and your house is in jeopardy.

Lending Criteria

  • We fully vet the individual lending criteria of the institutions to ensure that we only place applications where we know for certain the case will be successful. In this way the most important one of the many ‘variables’ involved in the house buying process is removed. At the same time as making sure the finance can be arranged we will always ensure that rates are competitive with those available for permanent employees. In an increasingly complex mortgage market we believe we add real value to the house buying process. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best – your contract.

Range of Options

  • Please complete the following ‘mortgage finder‘ and we will e-mail you with a range of the type of options that are available to you. We will wait for your feedback. We can then tailor our advice specifically to your exact needs and circumstances.

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