No Contract Work – I am staring into the abyss

No Contract Work
No Contract Work

No Contract Work Available

A contractor, who can get no contract work, sent us this.

Every day I trawl for jobs and send off my CV for appropriate skill matches.

I don’t usually get any responses and have taken to phoning them. Most of
them seem to be too busy to talk to me or mysteriously their computer
crashes and they tell me they’ll phone me back “tomorrow”, but of course that
particular tomorrow never comes.

So, obviously I cannot afford to go on any courses now and I’m actually studying
with the intention of getting a master’s degree which would give me
possibilities of emigration or perhaps a graduate trainee role.

As you will know, when you’re studying you cannot do any other courses.

However, come September if I still don’t have work I can’t pay
the annual fees.

Living Off House Equity

I have been living off of the equity of my house, so far I’ve borrowed about
20 grand which included some money to retrain for another career which I’m
trying to get off the ground but isn’t working out, so I’m still using my
house equity.

I can only borrow money for the end of December and end of January
and then I’ll have to sell up which would probably take 3 months and I can’t
pay the mortgage in February.

I remortgaged about 18 months ago which is why I have had the reserve amount
I’ve been using. I have insurance but obviously I can’t use it because I
can’t prove I’m out of work – why? – They won’t allow me to sign on.

I could move out of my house and rent it out but I am still unemployed and
would be homeless. I’m sure I’m not the only one disqualified from signing

Unemployment Numbers Falling

What makes me really ANGRY is the Government’s gloating about how there’s
less people showing up in the unemployment figures. I can’t help thinking
it may be because there are more people disqualified from signing on.

Its just as if the Government want to show us the door or starve us out of
our own country.

If we have no contract work, what do we do?

For now I’m just sitting at home, bored stiff and practicing my line. . . “would you like fries with that?”

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