Sacked Contractor | Someone has joined who got sack from my last place

Sacked Contractor dilemma
Sacked Contractor dilemma

Sacked Contractor

This article is about a sacked contractor.

Dr. McLaughlin, in his regular IT surgery gives his advice to a permanent worker, Michael, who has just seen a contractor start at his new place who sacked at the last one.

Clearing Bank In City

I work for a clearing bank in the City.

A couldn‘t believe my eyes. The boss showed around a new contractor today who I knew from a previous place I worked. He pretended not to know me.

However, I know his dark secret. He got the sack from the firm where I worked before. He made several cock-ups there and he was pretty much marched out the door.

Also, he also used to come in late some mornings, reeking of booze and stale fags.

He is not actually going to be in my team, but perhaps I should warn my managers about him, especially the one who has just hired him.

What would you do in my situation, Dr. McLaughlin?

I would hate to think that it would come back on me if he screwed up again.

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Contractor Surgery

This one‘s easy, and you know the answer already.

You don‘t tell anyone. I‘m not religious but I believe that it is some kind of sin if you do what you are proposing.

I can see that this is going to be difficult for you. Are you sure that this knowledge is not just burning a hole in you, and you just have to tell someone? Is it really for the benefit of the company that you want to ‘expose‘ the new contractor?

If you want to salve your own conscience this is what you should do.

The Solution

When the guy sees you privately, he‘s sure to acknowledge to you that he knows you. He, does, of course, know you. He was just shocked to find you there.

Have a little bit of sympathy. He might have been out of work for some time with the accompanying family and financial problems.

Tell him your situation. Also, tell him straight up, that his secret is safe with you. Tell him, however, that there is risk to you if he gets up to all the old shenanigans. Tell him that in return for your keeping it quiet, you‘re sure that he won‘t let you down.

Now, it is down to him. If he does get up to all the old ‘shenanigans‘ again, whatever they were, then it wouldn‘t be wrong of you to say that you knew him before and that he had been thrown out of your previous company.

If they ask you why you didn‘t speak up before, just say that as he had just started and you had to give him a chance.

The most likely scenario, however, is that he will buck up and heed your warning. I bet he has learned a lesson from being thrown out before.

I bet it will be difficult for you to keep your mouth shut.

However, this is the right thing to do!

What would other readers do if they saw a previously sacked contractor join a company where they are?

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