IT Contractor Affairs: Girl at work has the hots for me

IT Contractor Affairs
IT Contractor Affairs

IT Contractor Affairs

A reader sent this about potential IT Contractor Affairs of the heart.

Dr. McLaughlin,

I have a wife and two children but it is becoming more and more obvious that one of the girls at work, a girl called Wendy, is making a play for me. So, I tried to ignore it at first but it is starting to play on my mind.

I think I am weakening.

She always smiles seductively when I see her in the corridor. The other day she sat on the edge of my desk and asked me to show her something on my PC. She pointed at something on the screen too and ‘accidentally‘ brushed her hand against mine.

I am starting to think forbidden thoughts.

I love my wife and I adore my two kids but I‘m starting to wonder if I could just dip my toe in the water a little bit, or even go in for a little paddle around – and then out again before any damage happens.

What do you suggest Dr. McLaughlin?

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Contractor Surgery

Alarm bells!

Alarm bells ringing loud and clear!

Either you are about to make a complete fool of yourself or you are going to ruin everything that you have and that you hold dear.

Don‘t even thinking of dipping anything in this ‘pool‘.

There are two possibilities here – and neither is good for you.

Office Flirt

The first is that the girl is just the office flirt. She enjoys getting as many men as possible to pay her attention and take notice of her.

There is a good chance that, if you respond, she will tell you that you mistook her feelings. Then she will go and tell all the other girls at the office that you tried it on with her – and you a married man.

Probably her real reason for saying so is just to let it be known to the other girls that she was able to attract a married man to want to break his wedding vows.

However, she‘ll make it sound like you are some filthy pervert here. Readers, please be assured that this has never happened to me, but that I‘ve just seen it happen to others.

Ask the Guys

The best thing that you could do is to ask the guys at the office if she has been flirtatious with any of them before.

Almost certainly she has. I remember one time comparing notes with another guy I worked with as to which girls at the office he thought were being a little flirty with him.

It turned out it was the same ones who were being a little flirty with me.

And I thought it was just me too!

IT Contractor Affairs – Even Worse

The second scenario is even worse for you.

She knows that you have a wife – yet she still wants to attract you.

It‘s possible (but unlikely) that you are the only one in the office that she is after. However, she is more likely to be after a dangerous but brief affair with another woman‘s man – just to show she can do it.

Your wife is almost certain to catch you in this brief dalliance. In fact this young lady may even make sure she does.

However, once you have thrown everything up for her, she’ll lose interest, and she will be likely to start looking for someone else then.

However, by then, your life will be in ruins and your marriage in ruins too.

Even if your wife takes you back again, things will never be the same again.

These IT Contractor Affairs are just not worth it in your position.

Now, are you still thinking of a quick ‘dip‘?

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