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Office Sexist Boss
Office Sexist Boss

Office Sexist

A reader tells us about his office sexist boss who is sharing his lunchtime porn with him against his better judgment.

Donald – I work for one of the Scottish banks in Edinburgh. It‘s a good job and I enjoy it, but my boss is a problem. Every day at lunchtime he spends his time eating his home-made sandwiches whilst looking at porn on the net.

It‘s strictly against the rules – but that‘s not what worries me.

What worries me is that every few minutes he shouts ‘Hey Donald. Come and see this’.

I‘d rather just eat my sandwiches and read my newspaper, but I‘ve got to toddle over for a look.

Now I‘m no prude, and I‘m not averse to some tasteful pictures of young ladies.

However, it is getting worse recently. He‘s starting to show me all sorts of things, which I don‘t want to describe in an up-market website like

I don‘t feel like eating my chicken sandwiches after it sometimes. I don‘t want to upset my boss, but what should I do.

However, I know that the girls at work don‘t like him, and have a nickname for him. I don‘t want them to think I‘m just like him.

Dr. McLaughlin’s Reply

Donald, you‘ve got to stand up for yourself a bit more.

You‘ve got to assert yourself.

Next time he does it, decide in your own mind that you‘re not going to go over – no matter what. Once you‘ve decided that, then put your refusals as politely as possible.

If he continues to ask you over, or starts asking what‘s wrong with you, just say ‘look, I‘m not into that, at this time of the day’.

Be as polite as possible – just don‘t go over.

Remember too, that you could get sacked if you‘re involved in it. In fact, you could use that as an excuse for not going across to look at it.

Don‘t worry too much about the girls at work though and what they think.

I‘ve always found that the response to their statement, ‘Oh! I didn‘t know you were like that’ is the straight, ‘Oh yes I am’ with a smile.

There‘s nothing to be gained from, ‘No, I‘m not like that at all’.

You just get written off.

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