Sex for Software Licences – IT manager came on to me

Sex for Sofware Licences
Sex for Sofware Licences

Sex for Software Licences

A manager propositioned a software saleswoman for a tool company wih an offer of sex for software licences. Here is her question for us.

I need advice as I‘m in a bit of a quandary. I‘m a software licence saleswoman. I‘m close to selling a large chunk of software licences to my client, a major banking concern in the City. This sale would be huge for me.

The sale has been going on for months, and we are pretty close to it.

Sex and the IT Contractor
Sex and the IT Contractor

Buying the Licences

I was out with the IT manager of the company who will be buying the licences, for a few drinks to keep him sweet. To come to the point, he came on to me. He seemed to suggest that the deal would be ‘helped‘ if I ‘was nice‘ to him.

I am pretty shocked, but didn‘t say anything at the time, as I need this deal to make my quotas. However, I‘m thinking of reporting him to his management.

What would you suggest?

Dr. McLaughlin‘s Answer to Sex for Software Licences

This is very serious.

I have seen this happen at a major company once before (no names), where a very senior manager tried to illicit ‘favours‘ from a licence saleswoman. She did report him to his management, and they sacked him immediately.

There should be no place in the workplace for this. It would be completely up to you, but you might want to contact him and ask him when the deal is going through.

Office Sexist Boss
Office Sexist Boss

If he is straight up and gives you a timetable without reference to the offending suggestion, then well and good.

If he makes reference to it again, when he is stone cold sober, then you should report the matter to the bosses at your own company, and demand that they report it to the bosses at your client company.

Lawsuit for Constructive Dismissal

If your bosses refuse to do anything about it, as they want the contract, then they have a huge lawsuit for constructive dismissal coming.

I don‘t think, therefore, that they would be that stupid, especially as they probably have other female workers themselves.

Incidentally, at the company I spoke about, where the guy got sacked for asking for favours for licences, the company bought the licences.

They‘re no fools, and I don‘t think that your clients‘ senior management would be either.

So sex for software licences is not a good swap.

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