IT Recruiters Clueless about the product they are selling

Recruiters Clueless
Recruiters Clueless

Recruiters Clueless

The article about recruiters clueless about their product was posted as comments after one of our articles.

Lack of Knowledge

So, are IT recruiters clueless about the product they sell?

One of the big problems with agents is their lack of knowledge of the ‘product’ they are dealing with.

If I go to a car yard the salesperson, whilst not a mechanic, will generally be pretty clued up about his product. Unfortunately in IT this does not seem to be case.

For instance, I have applied in the past for Cobol/DB2 developer positions having these skills in abundance, only to be asked if I have SQL.

Firstly the SQL has been mentioned in my CV, and secondly. Secondlt, and more importantly, anyone looking for these positions should know its impossible to develop cobol/db2 without sql.

Job Requirements

As another example I have seen all too often the job requirements quoted as must have DB2, SQL, RDBMS etc.

Yet again the salesperson is showing a profound lack of knowledge of his product.

This happened with a friend of mine where his resume was rejected by an agency, because he hadn’t mentioned something that should have been a given parameter.

Even though he pointed this out the salesperson had no idea what he was talking about.

I then took it direct to my boss who organised the interview and employed him, but the rub was, my mate still had to work through the agency.

Recruiters Clueless Indeed – ITContractor Comment

You get the occasional IT recruiter who used to work in IT and who knows what he, or she, is talking about. However, these are very much the exceptions.

There doesn’t seem to be any university degree in IT recruitment.

Most IT recruiters come from other areas of sales. IT is a mystery to most of them – and a mystery most of them have no interest in cracking.

That’s how you get so many IT recruiters clueless about the product and service they sell.

IT Skills Search

So, it means that when a client gets in touch asking for 6 skills, the recruiter does not know that some are far more important than others.

It means that they just do a database search for IT Contractors with all of those skills.

Then they decide which of those IT Contractors to put forward.

If an IT Contractor has lots of experience, but does not have the most minor of the skills asked for, then that IT Contractor will simply miss out on the contract opportunity.

It’s a shame – but that’s the way it is in our industry.

The only way for IT Contractors to deal with recruiters clueless about what they are selling is to make sure that all skills are on their CV – however minor.

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