Business Enablers – IT Professionals rising in importance

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More Important as Business Enablers

According to a new survey the role of IT workers in business is becoming more important. They are seen as key business enablers.

According to the Economic Intelligence Unit the role of IT and those who work in it is becoming far more important in solving business problems – especially in areas such as data protection and security.

Compliance Enabler

Compliance is another area where IT has taken on a more significant role. They are becoming the enablers which solve the problem of Compliance to the various rules and regulations now pouring forth for such as the banking sector.

Document control is central to most Compliance regimes and IT is a great enabler here.

Business Enablers

Whereas in the past IT used to be thought of as a cost to the business, indeed many CIOs reported into the Finance Director, IT workers iare now being thought of as a business enablers.

This is expected to mean more and more IT directors on the Board and more involvement in decision making and in strategy making.

Key Differentiator

After all, many people are arguing now that transaction processing is now done by computer systems instead of manually, and where access to information is the key competitive advantage in the Information Age, that the IT systems ARE the business.

IT workers are not just a cost but are business enablers.

This can only be good news for all of those who work in IT in the future as more and more companies upgrade their view of the importance of IT and those who work in it.

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