Dodgy Kebab – IT Manager begs for Removal of article

Dodgy Kebab
Dodgy Kebab

Dodgy Kebab – IT Manager

I had an unusual series of emails today with a guy I’ll call John about a dodgy kebab he ate several years ago. I’ll hide his true identity for reasons that will become clear.

John’s Email 1

Please kindly remove any reference of me from your website – thanks in advance…


– I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about.

Gerry’s Email 1

That’s very vague. Could you be more specific.

John 2

OK – when I google myself – I get ‘dodgy kebab’ entries –

I’d rather not be known for dodgy kebabs – so here’s the link:-


is that OK..?!?! or will there be any hoops to jump through..?

Note:- I then looked at the article which was from 3 years ago and basically said he and several others got sick after eating a dodgy kebab at a restaurant. The report also appeaered elsewhere and seemed to be true.

Gerry 2

I thought somebody was having a go at you and calling you names on our Forum when you got in touch.

The story appeared elsewhere at the time and appears to be basically correct.

John 3

it is correct – but if bbc can remove me – then why can’t you..? must I be famous for a dodgy kebab – must I..?!?! is there anything else in life…?

Gerry 3

It will cost us money to remove your story.

I estimate that it will cost us £325 to remove the story.

When you send that off to us I will remove the story.


:- I followed this 5 minutes later by:-

Gerry 4

That was just a joke, by the way John 🙂

I’d already removed it and all it cost me was 5 minutes of watching Judge Judy 🙂

Good luck with your career – and I hope you become better known for something more than a dodgy kebab.

John 4

Hahaha – I nearly sh(a)t myself…curiously enough bringing back memories of the dreaded kebab episode…

but a 100% discount is most welcome – I now intend to move up the food chain slightly and go for ‘dodgy chinese’

it’s been a pleasure..

ITContractor Comment

I don’t normally remove articles on request, especially when they are true and reported elsewhere, but this poor guy had done nothing wrong other than getting sick after eating a kebab that someone else had provided.

It just shows you how things can follow you around in the Internet Age.

A local guy where I live cam up to me recently and asked for my help.

Outed Her Dad

It seems that at an internet project in school they asked the pupils were to look up their parents and their businesses in Google.

One of the girls in the class unearthed the fact that her father had an unpaid, written off, debt to the Inland Revenue of several thousand Euros which had been posted to their website.

Moreover, he was not very happy.

So, I thought I’d do this poor guy who contacted me today a favour.

Just think. Any job he applied to, or got, they could Google him and find out about his dodgy kebab incident.