IT departments will be decimated within 5 years


We published this story from Gartner in 2005. See if you think it has come true.

Gartner Report

According to a new report from Gartner, there will be far fewer IT workers by 2010.

The IT department in large and medium sized companies will be at least one-third smaller by 2010, say Gartner.

What will happen is that the user departments will have people with IT skills amongst their midst. Their role will be to help users obtain crucial information from existing systems.

This is the Information Age, where access to good information is seen to be a key, if not the key, factor giving companies competitive advantage over their rivals.

Overall, the number of people working in IT will shrink by around 15% say Gartner, as users become more IT literate.

Also, outsourcing and offshore outsourcing will have a major effect.

If so, this will be a huge shock to the profession, and will have a huge knock on effect on contractors.

IT Contractor Comment

As with most of these reports and surveys from Gartner, we think that this is utter garbage and fully expect that there will be more people involved in IT in 2010 than there is now.

We‘ve heard many of these scare stories before.

Who’s Right?

So, who was right, Gartner or

Gartner stopped sending us Press Releases for some reason.