Whinging Contractors – They whinge too much about agency margins

Whinging IT Contractors
Whinging IT Contractors

Whinging Contractors

This article, about whinging contractors, was posted in response to an article of ours.

This is by an agent. See if you agree with what he says. Make your own mind up.

Agent’s Comments

I am an IT agent and have the following comments.

What do you believe is a fair margin for an agency to take from the money they get for you from a client?

All contractors seem to think that all agencies provide the same service and anything over 15% is extortionate.

Furthermore, they do not seem to also take into account that the client is paying the agency for the service they receive. It is not just taking money from the contractor‘s pocket.

There are advertising costs, payroll, database development etc. All need to come from this margin and different agencies have different service levels and therefore different margins.

Whinging Contractors
Whinging Contractors

Restaurant Demand

Would you go into a restaurant and demand the chef tells you how much the restaurant paid for the steak they had just served you?

No, you would look at the quality of service, reputation etc. and make an informed decision about whether or not you would eat there.

It is the same, therefore, with recruitment agencies.

Building Working Relationship With Agencies

Perhaps if IT contractors spent more time trying to build a strong working relationship with select IT agencies they can trust, they would not whinge so much.

No one forces contractors to use IT agencies.

Perhaps you should try and find your own IT contracts and then you would appreciate the time and effort that agencies go to make successful placements.

There’s nothing worse than whinging contractors. They should try to understand us, and our profession, a bit more before spouting off.

So, contractors what do you think? Do you agree with him?