IT Contractors marched into car park for bollockings

car park
car park

This article about IT contractors marched into a car park comes from the now defunct

Hated Contractors

I worked for a defence contractor who had quoted too cheaply to win the business and then when behind schedule they used IT contractors to deal with the overload.

They hated using contractors and were pretty offensive to them. They made all sorts of silly accusations of the IT contractors, such as that their contract tech architect was delaying the project to milk fees from the company.

This was complete and utter nonsense!

The project was in desperate straits and the management were on the ragged edge of their sanity. The project management team used to have ‘stand-up rows‘ over various issues and once even did that in front of the customer, which was pretty amateurish.

Car Park March

These idiots used to march their contractors out into the car park to give them bollockings for perceived misdemeanours.

It was quite lunatic behaviour. That‘s what happens when you put mediocre people under too much pressure.

Of course, I didn‘t get a good reference from them.

Working there was a nightmare. It‘s funny now though.

I didn’t laugh at the time.

Big Problem Not Solved in Car Park

It’s a big problem in IT departments, though.

The IT Contractors generally have much more experience than the permies, many of whom have only 2 to 3 years experience or less.

These permies are pumped up about being the ‘boss’ and don’t want their underlings (like the contractors) telling them what to do and how to do it.

As a result, they take decisions that are completely idiotic but you can’t tell the idiots that.

They reckon that they nee to take those ‘cheeky’ contractors down a peg so they have those car park bollockings.

So, the contractors know that the project is going to go down the pan but dare not tell the young project manager.

This is happening at sites all over the country.

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