IT Contractors escape Agency Workers Directive legislation



Those IT Contractors with limited companies will now be outside this piece of legislation.

The Professional Contractors group fought long and hard for that and should be applauded.

There‘s one flaw though.

If the Government don‘t consider the contractors to be fully self employed then they are back in again.


I hope the classification for that is not like the classification for IR35, i.e. it is what HMRC consider it to be till they are defeated at the Special Commissioners or in court.

In the Agency Workers Directive IT contractors would have qualified to have holiday pay and many of the same right as permies.

It was called for by the unions to stop temporary workers being exploited but in previous versions it would have hauled IT Contractors into its nets too.

However, it has to be said that this is good news for contractors and may be a sign that the Government is listening to us at last.