Tax Dodgers – IT Contractors are just a bunch of whingers

Tax Dodgers
Tax Dodgers

Tax Dodgers

A reader posted this commentary, about IT Contractors being tax dodgers, in the comments section after our article.

Little Tax Paid

I bet all these guys (and gals) did everything they could to ensure they pay as little tax as possible.

caught by ir35
Caught by IR35

Would that be a fair assumption, indeed a safe bet?

They probably never joined a trade union in their lives either. Most of them, therefore, are likely to vote Conservative and believe the unemployed to be lazy spongers.

Unfair and Incompetent

But oh how they whine about just how spiffingly unfair it all is when they find out there’s no safety-net beneath themselves either.

Is there even an adult male or female among them who has matured enough from the experience to appreciate how they can still consider themselves lucky to have had it. That’s even if they did prove to be too incompetent to keep it.

They are mostly whingers and tax dodgers.

IT Contractor Commentary

So, this guy has had his say on the subject.

So, what do contractors think about that?

Methinks he likes a little bit of a whinge himself.

You can have your say in the comments section below.