Contractor Termination – IT Contractor terminated after being mugged

Contractor Termination - contractor mugged and terminated
Contractor got terminated after being mugged

An IT Contractor reader sent in this article, about his contractor termination as comments after an article of ours.

Contractor Termination

I was actually canned by a department of “Caring London” for having the effrontery of not being able to go to work on the third day after being mugged by one of our permanent visitors on Victoria station on the way home on day 2.

Moreover, I actually rang my manager from the waiting area of the A&E on the Wed morning to say I would be in on the Thursday.

Contractor Still Sacked

It was, however, to no avail.

So, they terminated my contract with immediate effect.

No wonder you can get cynical. I am less trusting, therefore, after my shocking contractor termination at Caring London.

If my mugger mugged my client manager he would have been off for weeks on full pay and full benefits.

Ther would be no talk, however, of sacking him like they did an IT Contractor.

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