Dependent Husband – IT Contractor supports her ungrateful husband

Dependent Husband
Dependent Husband

Dependent Husband

This IT contractor has a dependent husband who is completely ungrateful for the financial support she is giving him.

She is now putting money away.

In looking through replies to articles from during the downturn the other day we came across this one.

One wonders what the situation is now and whether they are still together. If the writer is still a reader perhaps she could tell us.

Husband Blaming Contractor

I have a dependent husband who seems to think it is my fault that I have only worked 2 out of the last 8 months (I recently started a new contract).

The suggestion that I’ve ‘lost it’ or I’m ‘past it’ is sprouted forth constantly.

I am in a much better position than most, we own our own home so there is no mortgage to pay.

I have started to siphon off cash now into a personal account and I am preparing for the next time I’m unemployed, which could be sooner rather than later.

Whatever happened to the concept of ‘for better or worse, for richer or for poorer’?

IT Contractor Comment

What breaks up most marriages or partnerships is the pressure when one or more of the couple are out of work. This woman contractor is just one example.

Indeed one wonders if this secret account of hers may be dual purpose, i.e. so that she can break away from her ungrateful husband.

We have had some horrific stories over the years of how marriages broke up because of financial problems.

If you have a take on this particular dilemma let us know.

If you have been in a similar situation let us know too.

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