IT Contractor passed 2 Interviews then told he was Overqualified


This article on being overqualified was posted as Comments after one of our articles by a reader.


Far from being told I don’t have the necessary skills for a position, I was interviewed for two different contracts last week, and both clients’ feedback was that I was OVERQUALIFIED for their respective positions, and they thought I would get bored and leave.

And this was regardless of the fact that they read my CV and I was their first choice for interview.

So, why bother interviewing me if they think I’m overqualified? Surely they actually did read my CV??

100% Match

I can perform both positions standing on my head, and have indeed performed both positions in various contracts for years, and that should be a bonus for the client, not a negative, after all, so there would be no need for training or hand-holding.

I can hit the ground running.

Therefore, I was the 100% match they were looking for, but obviously that counted for nothing.

I have to ask, what the hell gives these clients the right to tell me whether or not I would get bored with their jobs?

So, how can I be overqualified?

It’s complete rubbish!

ITContractor Comment

This is a strange one. It must be very frustrating for the IT Contractor involved. He will be sitting at home without work and any income coming in.

He could do both contracts with his hands tied behind his back.

So, he is easily the best candidate.

He could hit the ground running and would be more productive, likely, than any other candidate they could hire.

Yet, both clients say he is overqualified and would get bored.

How bored do they think he is sitting at home twiddling his fingers?

Overqualified But Productive

This is a crazy situation.

Even if he did get find the job a bit boring, what would it matter if he was able to do it properly and more productively than anyone else they could hire?

Some clients are just stupid.

Their projects, therefore, deserve to fail.

This guy could have guaranteed success.

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