IT Contract Termination – Contractor gets his money after seeking our advice

IT Contract Termination
IT Contract Termination

IT Contract Termination

Client tried to stiff him over an IT contract termination, but he took our advice and got his money.

We put up an article recently – My IT Contract was Terminated Before it Should Have Been.

In this, the client tried to terminate the contractor early without paying him.

The agency and the Umbrella Company were no help.

He got in touch with us for advice, which we gave him as did our readers.

We got this email from him.

‘Hi Gerry,

‘Just a shot note to thank you for your time, I thought you maybe interested to know I‘ve been paid the outstanding days. So thanks a million for your advice, and a big thank you to the list for their support also.

‘The solution was to write a letter outlining the legalities and essentially if they didn‘t pay up I‘d be seeking legal representation.

‘Worked a treat!!’

IT Contractor Comment

Too many IT Freelancers take this sort of thing lying down.

The Client, is, to be frank, chancing his arm.

The agency and the Umbrella Company don’t want to annoy the client so are no help.

Company Withholding Payment

But just put yourself in the shoes of the person at the company who is withholding payment.

Just imagine you got a letter threatening legal action.

You know the contract is clear and it is in favour of the contractor.

You also know that you don’t want senior management to know that you are about to get the company embroiled in legal action which you will lose and may cause bad publicity – and all over a couple of days pay that you would save.

Contract Paid Up

In this case they payed up pronto – and they will in 9 out of 10 cases or maybe more.

I suggested to this contractor that he send a lawyer’s letter which wouldn’t cost much and would grab their attention.

However, this guy didn’t even have to do that.

He just threatened to do it, after IT contract termination, and it didn’t cost him anything at all.

All IT Contractors should store that knowledge in the back of their minds for a rainy day.