IT Contractor crashed into a wall an hour after I sacked him

IT Contractor Crashed Car after being sacked
IT Contractor Crashed on way home after being sacked

IT Contractor Crashed

JEHoover sent us this, about an IT Contractor Crashed into a Wall, after an article of ours.
It is an unfornate tale.

Sacked From Consultancy Job

I sacked a contractor from a consultancy job, and on his way home he accidentally drove his 911 into a wall at 90 mph.

I had to go to his funeral, and explain to the friends and family that I was a colleague.

He’d been on the mobile to a friend at the time.

Difficult Conversation

He had been discussing with them how he had been sacked and how HE had been being unreasonable, so it was a really difficult conversation or two.

I mean, how do you tell the weeping sister that the two of you had been in a frightful row just an hour before his untimely demise?

Dr McLaughlin’s IT Contractor Surgery

This was a terrible thing to have happened, and I’m sure that you blame yourself to some degree.

However, it is not your fault.

What did you do wrong?

There’s nothing there that I can see.

You didn’t say why you sacked the Freelancer but I doubt you would ahve been doing it without a good reason.

IT Project Cost in Time

It costs the project if you have to get rid of someone with some knowledge of the company and its way of working to replace them with someone who doesn’t.

Also, there’s the time to recruit the new person too, which costs the project in terms of time.

I’m sure that this was something that you foresaw and didn’t want. I’m sure that there was a godo reason for you to sack him as you wouldn’t have taken this decision lightly.

So, all you did was sack the IT Contractors which many people have done without the result that your sacking had.

IT Contractor Crashed – Killed Accidentally

It, also, doesn’t look like he deliberately killed himself because you sacked him.

Although one doesn’t want to belabour the point, it wasn’t you who suggeseted that he used his mobile phone while driving home, which was both dangerous and illegal.

I know it will be hard, shown by the fact that you posted it here, but that you have nothing to blame yourelf for.

It was an unfortunate accident at least partly casued by his own use of his mobile phone while driving home.

While felling a lot fo sympathy for the poor guy I think that you should get on with your life without blaming yourself in any way.

Attended Contractors’ Funeral

Also, it was very brave of you to go to the funeral.

Those there, in his family, obviously know the cirumstances of his death, as the conversation of the phone call would have been told to them, and they obviously did not blame you.

So, there’s no reason for you to blame youself.

This IT Contractor crashed on his way home while using his mobile phone.

You are completely blameless when this contractor crashed.

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