Late Contractor – IT Contractor came back from the dead

Late Contractor walks again
Dead Contractor walks again

Late Contractor

You’ve heard of a late contractor. Well, this was a real late one.

I had forgotten the incident, but it came as a shock to one IT contractor to find Pete Losty still alive.

In the early days of ITContractor we had a Forum where people could ask other IT contractors if they knew what had happened to contractors that they had worked with.

There weren‘t that many readers of ITContractor in those days, so I asked a few friends to help by making a few contributions on the site.

Peter Losty

I saw that one had put a message on that particular Forum asking if anyone knew what had happened to Pete Losty. As he had been out for a drink with him just a few weeks before I took this to be a not-so-serious request.

Dead Contractor rises up again
Dead Contractor reappears on another contract 3 years later

Therefore, I replied that sadly he had passed away in a motorcycling accident just a few months before. The original question poster replied saying that this was a shame as he owed him money.

I thought no more of it – until last night.

Contractor Reunion

I haven‘t seen Pete for two or three years, but he just happened to be working only about 20 miles away from where I am currently living in Ireland, so he emailed me to ask if he could come and visit and to stay the night.

Last night was a good one as we could go out and watch the football game in the pub.

My wife and I made him something to eat first before we went out.

Bone to Pick

It was at that time that he said that he had a bit of a bone to pick with me. He said that when he went to a new contract there was a guy there whom he‘d worked with previously.

The guy seemed quite shocked, rather than pleased, to see him again.

‘I thought you were dead!’ he said. ‘I read it in ITContractor’.

The guy claimed that he had been upset for about a week about it.

Back in Work

Pete is now back in work, although he had some spells out during the last downturn.

It is to be hoped that agencies that he knew and worked for before didn‘t scrub his name off their databases after reading of his demise here.

As there not that many posts on that Forum, I scrubbed it.

Perhaps I should bring it back as a contractor Obituary Column!

I should make it the Late Contractor Column.

Editor‘s Note:- All other information that you read on ITContractor is absolutely true.