Cheating Agency – They asked me for names from other interviews

Cheating Agency
Cheating Agency

Cheating Agency

An IT contractor wrote to us asking for our advice on what to do when a cheating agency calls asking for interview information.

This is quite a common practice in our profession.

Contractor’s ageny Experience

I don‘t know if I‘m the only one, or has it been happening to other people? I get calls and calls from Agencies who have seen my CV in places like Jobsites etc.

The IT Agency tells you that he is very impressed with your CV and that he has a role for you. He then goes on to tell you a little about the role and what is needed (rates, duration etc).

He then (Here comes the tricky part) asks if you have been to any interviews recently and wants you to give him the names of the company, the person who interviewed you, telephone numbers etc.

Require More People

He even asks if they require more people etc. When he has got all this information, he promises to call you later but never does.

All that IT Agencies wants is to sell to the company their own lists of ‘qualified candidates’, telling the Company that they have better candidates, services, etc if they (company) will do business with them.

Why are some Agencies like that?

IT Contractor Reply

It happens, normally, because they are desperate.

This agency does not have a job for you at all. This is one of the most common dirty tricks that agencies play on contractors.

Some of them try to dress this up as standard recruitment behaviour, but it is nothing short of lying and cheating.

It is also very cruel pretending to a desperate out of work contractor that they might have a job for him or her and then working against them.

Interview Details

What actually happens is that the agency takes the details of all the interviews that you‘ve been to SO THAT THEY CAN PUT CANDIDATES UP AGAINST YOU!

They will even tell the client that they have used you before and you‘re no good if they get the chance.

If this isn‘t immoral and unethical behaviour then I don‘t know what is.

Rogue Agents

Very often these are rogue agents that do this – the cheating agency.

Often they are not doing this with the consent of their firms. If their firms found out then there would be a good chance of them being disciplined.

Often they do this because they are not meeting their targets.

These agents worry that they might be next for the boot. So they start cheating out of desperation.

Agencies In Trouble

They may work for agencies who are in trouble and who have sanctioned them to ‘˜do whatever it takes‘.

Even if these agents ever found you a job (and that is highly unlikely) then there is a good chance that they will soon be going belly-up – taking your hard earned cash with them.

Don‘t have anything to do with these agents!

A cheating ageny is the bane of the profession. There are too many of them.