Advertise Fake Jobs | IT Agent Tells Us Why They Do It

Advertise Fake Jobs
Advertise Fake Jobs

Advertise Fake Jobs

Why do Agencies advertise fake jobs? This was sent to us by a recruitment consultant who tells us why.

Sending an Update CV

I would be surprised if any IT agency has not posted an entirely fictitious job at some point.

The reason is that many candidates, however much they say they’re sending an updated CV, will do nothing until they see a job they really want.

This is fair enough. However, it means that when a client phones and says they need an X number of contractors ASAP, the agency would have to publish adverts. Alos, they would probably wait a week to get a handful of semi appropriate responses.

That is why we advertise fake jobs.

We don’t have jobs for that particular skill at the moment but we anticipate we will in the future – and the IT Contractor will benefit from us having his, or her, CV at hand.

Advertised Jobs

By printing generic, quite vague adverts and having a good selection of CVs regularly coming through, I can say to the client when he, or she, calls “yes we have 4 CVs we would like you to have a look at”. Also, if I’m on the ball, I can start selling the candidates in straight away.

If I actually advertised each job and awaited responses, hoping to get a couple of CVs over in the next week, I wouldn’t be doing anything the client couldn’t do themselves.

We add value to the process by having the potential candidates at hand for the client. That is why we advertise fake jobs.

IT Contractor Skills

If we have he CVs for particulars skills already then that’s fine.

However, where we have a weakness and are short of IT Contractors with those skills then we will get them when we advertise fake jobs.

I know that it is a little dishonest and that IT Contractors get disappointed when they contact us with their details when we don’t have anything for them.

However, when we advertise fake jobs, and they send us their CVs, although short-term it doesn’t give them a better chance of getting a contract through us, medium term and long-term it does help them.

So, I hope this explains why we advertise fake jobs. I also hope that IT Contractors will see that it benefits both of us to do this.

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