Fake Job Ad | IT Agency Tricked me but REC would not help

Fake Job Ad
Fake Job Ad

Fake Job Ad

This article, about a fake job ad, was from reader Mace in response to one of our articles.

Systems Architect

I’m a contractor. I’ve got 10 years experience in my particular skill set and am at the architect level.

My particular skill set has very few jobs advertised and very few candidates to fill them.

The company I work for has been looking to replace me with a permanent candidate for 18 months.

Fake Job Ads
Fake Job Ads

With this in mind, I applied for a job matching my exact skills which was allegedly not far from my home within 2 hours of it appearing on Jobserve.

Imagine my surprise then, that I got a response back within half an hour telling me that the agency had decided not to proceed with my application as they’d had other better qualified candidates.

Fake Job Ad Complaint

I complained to REC about Thomson Keene that it was a fake job ad.

I got the following response from Clare Walker:-

“I appreciate your frustration in not being submitted for the role in which you were interested, however this in itself is not a matter the REC can address as it is a matter for a recruiter’s professional judgement as to which applicants to submit to a client in respect of any
particular vacancy.

‘There isn’t any specific evidence that the vacancy in question is a fake job ad in any way, but if you do have any evidence of this please do forward this also.”

fake job ads
fake job ads

Advertised Salary

When I pursued my other complaint that Thomson Keene had made up the salary they advertised, contrary to section 14 of the REC code (and which Thomson Keene admitted), I got an email from REC telling me that Clare would reply when she got back from holiday.

I never received a reply.


So, how do we stop the fake job ad then?

It doesn’t look as if REC are interested in helping.

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