IT Agencies submitting non-existent candidates

non-existent candidates
non-existent candidates

Non-Existent Candidates

Do agencies have non-existent candidates?

This was posted in response to our article ‘I know for a fact IT agencies advertise for jobs they do not have’.

They also submit candidates that do not exist.

An honest agent (I’ve worked with him several times) once showed me a copy of my CV that had been sent to him with a false name.

He knew it was mine because

a) he recognised it, and

b) the fools hadn’t removed my copyright notice. Also, they had only changed the name and contact details on the front page.

Agency Phishing Exercise

It was another agency phishing for leads from him with fake CVs.

I wonder how often one cheating agent sends a CV from a non-existent candidate to another cheating agent who advertises a non-existent job?

Our percentage is financing this waste, don’t forget that.

So, beware of the agencies’ non-existent candidates.

This is just one of the dirty tricks that agencies use on contractors.