Is your client spying on your emails – It’s Illegal You Know

Client Spying on IT Contractors
Client Spying on IT Contractors via their emails

Client Spying on Your Emails

Is your client spying on your emails?

According to a new report by Dell the UK tops the table for company management spying on their employees.

Two in Five employees believe that their management are monitoring their emails and almost half expect them to be doing so in 10 years time – and if they are spying on their employees they will almost certainly be spying on their expensive contractors too.

In other countries the number of workers who believe that their employer is spying on them is 28% according to Dell. Is your client spying on you?

IT Contractors Contracts Not Renewed

I wonder how many contractors have been got rid of or not renewed because of management monitoring of their emails – without the contractors ever knowing why they were not renewed.

Contract Renewal Time
Contract Renewal Time for contractors

It is more rampant at large companies where almost half of employees believe that their management is monitoring their emails.

At small companies 31% believed they were being monitored by management.

Illegal Electronic Monitoring of IT Contractors

However, if management are monitoring your email then that is illegal if they haven‘t told you they are doing it.

They must specify up front that they are doing it. A client spying on your emails must tell you.

The exception is if they have good cause to believe you are doing something illegal.

However, if they found that out by monitoring your emails they may not be able to use that information in court.

Companies Spying on IT Contractors

However, local managers probably don‘t know that this is illegal and you know what they are like.

Contractors Getting Renewed
Contractors Getting Renewed by clients

If they get a chance to monitor those working for them then most of them will take it.

And they do have that chance.

Find Out From Technical Support

So, how would you find out if they are doing it?

I was found that the best way to find out was by asking someone in Technical Support.

I wouldn‘t ask the boss of Technical Support, of course, just someone more junior who works there.

Tech Support knows everything that is going on at a company if it is electronic.

Sometimes people in Tech Support will monitor other people in the IT Department or elsewhere for their own amusement.

Management of IT Department

At other times it is on behalf of the management of the Department.

There are all sorts of tools now to help them.

Even if the management of the department uses a tool not given to them by Technical Support, Tech Support will know what he or she is doing anyway as they monitor everything.

Ask Technical Support

If you know someone there ask them, over a few pints, if your client is spying on you, next time you are in the bar.

Just say something like ‘you guys must see everything’.

They‘re usually eager to croak.

If you find out that management are monitoring your emails without telling you it is up to you as to how you use that information.

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