Is Contractor Employer Loyalty a One Way Street?

Contractor Employer Loyalty
Contractor Employer Loyalty

Contractor Employer Loyalty

Is Contractor Employer Loyalty a One-Way Street?

Many contractors and employees have a great sense of loyalty to the companies that they work for. But do clients reciprocate? Is this just a one-way street for clients? Do companies have loyalty to their contractors and employees in the same way?

Of course many contractors especially don’t have so much have loyalty to their employers (or clients) but to the contracts that they have signed.

Even if the client can get rid of them with a month’s notice, and the contractor cannot give notice in the contract, he or she will usually honour the agreement, That’s even if it is not in their own interests to do so.

Under Contract Elsewhere

If a contractor gets a better contract offer from elsewhere, or an agency calls the contractor up about a better offer, the contractor will often turn the opportunity down as they are under contract elsewhere.

It’s usually possible to get out of a contract if one wants to. That’s because employers don’t like to have unhappy workers working for them.

As one Australian I worked with once said to our boss who told him that he couldn’t give him two weeks notice, “Look if I stood up on the desk and peed in your face, I’d be given two weeks notice”. They got rid of him that day.

However, he was unusual (perhaps not in Australia). Most contractors will see out their notice even if it costs them a much better job.

When They Stop A Project

What happens when the boot is on the other foot? What happens when it is no longer in the interests of a company and management to keep on IT workers? For example, when profits are suffering in a downturn, or when a project gets canned?

Do they say, “Look, we’ve got these guys on a year’s contract, and although we have a getout clause it’s not fair to them to use it, as they gave us loyalty in the past”?

Like hell they will. It’s a pure bean count. The moment that they decide that it’s better for them or the company for you not to be there, you’ll be out the door. And they’ll normally try every trick in the book (or outside it), to try and get rid of you pronto.

Contractor Employer loyalty doesn’t seem to be a two-way street. But will contractors keep giving it when they don’t get it back?

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