Irish Contractors set up their own PCG to fight Revenue bullies

Irish Contractors - Irish IT Contracting Rates
Irish Contractors - Irish IT Contracting Rates

Irish Contractors and the Revenue

Irish contractors are doing the same as their UK counterparts now.

The Independent Professional Contractors of Ireland, the IPCI, was set up last week to fight harassment by the Revenue.

Late week the Irish Revenue announced that it was going to go after contractors who ‘deliberately understated their tax‘ by putting their earnings through Limited Companies and avoiding tax that way despite having ‘only one client at a time‘.

They said that they would not ‘name and shame‘ contractors if they gave themselves up to the Revenue.

IT Contractors Group

The initial members of the new contractors group would be those in the IT and Pharmaceutical industries.

They accused the Revenue of ‘bully tactics‘ and that this was part of an ‘Aggressive, Sinister’ campaign against genuine contractors.

They are hoping to get 500 members in the coming weeks.

They should contract the Professional Contractors Group in the UK, therefore, to discover what pitfalls there lies in the road ahead.

Including Contractors

One mistake Irish Contractors have already made is to include the word Contractors in their title.

A top dog in the PCG told me a while back that the PCG regretted not call thing themselves the Professional Freelancers Group as there were many professions, like Creative, who called themselves Freelancers rather than Contractors and this kept down PCG membership unnecessarily.

UK Contractors

500 members may not seem a lot to UK Contractors but as the UK has 15 times the population of Ireland that equates to about 7,500 in the UK. That is is just under half of the number of members that the PCG has.

I remember a while back the PCG was trying to set up a European wide association of freelancers but found that there weren‘t many freelancer organisations out there.

So, one in Ireland is a start.

Perhaps they could look at it again now.