Irish Freelance Tech Boom – Contractors Seek Irish Passports Pre-Brexit

IT Contracting in Ireland
IT Contracting in Ireland

Irish Freelance Tech Boom

There is a growing Irish Freelance tech boom in Ireland. Many contractors are looking across the Irish Sea as they see their contracting prospects in the EU shrink with Brexit coming on.

The Irish economy is growing the fastest in Europe at 6.7% in 2018. That compares with Britain’s predicted growth rise in 2019 of 1.2%.

The EU’s average is 1.9%.

Even when you strip out the multinationals who use Ireland as a base, growth was still 4.5%.

Irish Development Agency Go Tech

The Irish Development Agency took the decision a number of years ago to concentrate their efforts in the technology sector.

That has been a huge success. Indeed, Ireland now has 25% of all the USA’s total of technology spend in the EU. That’s despite Ireland only have less than 1% of the EU’s population.

American companies want a well educated population of English speaking people in a place that they can use as a base for selling into Europe.

All the top tech US companies are in Ireland like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc.

Irish Freelance Tech Boom – Benefiting from UK Brexit

Although Ireland’s farmers, and other importers and exporters will be hit by Britain’s exit from the EU, the tech sector, and other sectors, may well benefit by getting those multinational companies based in Britain who want an educated English speaking population which they can use to export tariff free into the EU.

Many of the UK’s multinational tech jobs and contracts could migrate to Ireland after Brexit.

Opportunity for UK Freelancers to Contract in Ireland

Getting an Irish passport is an opportunity for UK freelancers and contractors to sell their services into the EU without tariffs.

If you have a parent or grandparent who is Irish you can get an Irish passport.

Many people in the UK are able to qualify this way. Indeed the Irish passport office is snowed under and months behind. There’s an Irish freelance tech boom.

Technology Jobs Relocating to Ireland

Many of the UK technology jobs could relocate to Ireland anyway after Brexit.

Although contract rates in Ireland are still a little lower in the UK it is a fast growing market. Indeed, many UK contractors are already over there working.

This could turn into a flood as more and more UK contractors get their Irish passports.

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