IR35 investigations normally take years to complete

IR35 investigations / Big IR35 Bonus
IR35 Tax investigations / Big IR35 bonus

IR35 Investigations

IR35 investigations of contractors take years to complete.

According to the Office for Tax Simplification, when reporting to the Government:-

‘Data shows that, for cases settled in 2009/10 or 2010/11, almost half took over 142 weeks to complete, and approximately one in five lasted for more than four years.

‘This is clearly very stressful for the taxpayer, who wants to concentrate on his business.

‘It is usually not possible for HMRC to give generic rulings on the IR35 status of a group of workers as the position of each may be different’.

IR35 Status

This is ridiculous.

It doesn‘t make any sense.

It must take up a lot of HMRC‘s resources for a tax that raises £1m a year.

It‘s bureaucracy gone mad.

Imagine more than half of investigations taking at least 2 years, 8 and a half months.

Imagine what the contractor investigated is going through during that time.

Some common sense needs to be used here.

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