IPSE Demands IR35 Review Promised by Sajid Javid Just Before Election

IPSE Demands IR35 Review for Contractors
IPSE Demands IR35 Review for Contractors

IPSE Demands IR35 Review

After welcoming the Conservative victory, IPSE demands IR35 review as promised by Chancellor Sajid Javid.

First of all the Lib Dems promised an IR35 review. Then Labour promised contractors one as well.

Then a few days before the election Chancellor Sajid Javid promised an IR35 Review too. Now IPSE want the new Government to keep their promise on IR35.

IPSE welcomes the new government and IR35 review promise

Said IPSE’s Chris Bryce “We welcome Mr Johnson’s new government and look forward to working with it in the coming months and years to get a fair deal for freelancers – particularly on IR35.

“We campaigned hard against the disastrous changes to IR35, and we will be holding Chancellor Sajid Javid to his promise to review them.

IPSE Demands IR35 Review Promise Kept

“To truly support the self-employed, this government must also halt the changes, which are due in April, while a full review is carried out. Time is short: the new Conservative government must act now to protect this vital sector.

“The self-employed sector is not only a vital and growing part of the workforce: it is also one of the great dynamos of the British economy. This government now has the chance to supercharge it with a new deal for freelancers, but that must start with halting and carrying out its pledge to review IR35.”

Well, that’s great news then.

Big Change of Mind for Sajid Javid

Although he seems to have changed his mind since the Queen’s Speech which said “We will increase fairness and and flexibility in the labour market by stopping the self employed and workers experiencing significantly different outcomes from flexible forms of working.”

Thank goodness he has changed his mind.

Treasury Minister Reckons Only 10% of Contractors IR35 Compliant

Then there is Treasury Minister Jess Norman saying recently when answering a question in Parliament on IR35 “There is only 10% compliance in this area”.

One presumes he, Boris and Sajid intend to make the other 90% ‘compliant’ too. After all these years of IR35 they still believe that only one in ten contractors are compliant with IR35.

But luckily it seems that hey have changed their minds and discovered the IR35 reforms need a review.

And they have a whopping majority to make sure this IR35 review happens.

That’s a lucky escape for contractors.

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    1. I discussed this with my mp Robert Buckland 3 weeks ago and raised my concerns with the impact on my income as well as potential reduced returns for hmrc by with poorly thought out scheme. More people are being forced into permanent employment reducing income. This will provide a lack of flexibility and skills in business. This will also mean Vat cannot be claimed.
      In the open letter to mp’s in October none of this was presented effectively and didn’t draw out any of the impact, costs or issues it’s causing to business.
      There are things the government can do. Add NI. Force tax payment on 100% of dividends instead of allowing contractors to hide away money and draw it down as a pension like drawdown when required (sorry for those of you working around the tax rules whilst the rest if us pay our fair share of tax). All things which mean tax income is not available to HMRC. If you want a pension, buy one. It’s hardly surprising HMRC are trying to expose us (badly) by comparing contractors to hidden permies…
      IR35 is damaging to hundreds of thousands of contractors, 1000s of businesses, and as mentioned reduced tax income.
      Savid Javid, stand by your commitment instead of mugging us off just for the vote.


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