Indian IT – Indian spills the beans on it

Indian IT
Indian IT

Indian IT

What is Indian IT about?

Some time ago we published an article called ‘Why Indian Programmers are not good value’.

We have just received this reply to it in the comments section.

Indian IT Professional

I am an Indian, I agree with the article and most of the comments are true.

The core problem with Indian IT is with our candidate selection model.

Indian Freelancer market
Indian Freelancer market

We select most college grads from different streams (biotechnology, mechanical, electronics, etc).

In spite of this, we throw them to you as a senior developer where he will be compared against a minimum 5 year experience programmer in the West.

So if you really want a good programmer from India then you should interview the candidate.

Reasons for Delay

Moreover your boss and my boss in India will not give us the same time as he gives for you to do the Job – and nobody accepts our reason for delay.

We were forced to produce results at any cost or we will be thrown out of the industry.

This basically compromises quality, long time vision of the applied solution and lack of professionalism.

The English language is one which we need to improve but we are progressing well.

Next Generation of Indian IT Workers

India is getting economically better every day.

Indian IT Developers in the UK
Indian IT Developers working in the UK

We will have a better colleges and universities.

So, I hope the next generation will be a lot different from what you experience today.

Thanks. Comment

The interviewing is a good idea – and it should apply to consultancies here as well as with Indian consultancies and software houses.

What these big suppliers do is to give you a couple of really good people in the beginning and then once you think ‘these guys are good‘ they send over the very ordinary people.

Few companies catch on to this – on time anyway.

If more companies interviewed people that the software houses and consultancies were sending before they worked on the client‘s project then the quality of what you get would be much better.

Rigorous Interview

Companies wouldn‘t take on an employee without rigorous interviewing and they wouldn‘t take on a contractor without an interview.

So, why do they let consultancies, onshore or offshore, get away with sending anyone they damn well like, usually at prices much higher than the permies or contractors, without an interview to see if they are any good?

They could save themselves, therefore, a lot of pain and disappointment if they did.