If you want to succeed in the coming years as an IT Contractor

Want to Succeed as a Contractor
Want to Succeed as a Contractor in the future

Want to Succeed

If you want to succeed in the coming years you need to know this.

According to a new report from Deloitte the business side of major companies is becoming more knowledgeable about IT.

In future years they will increasingly bypass the IT departments when it comes to technology.

It used to be that all companies had an IT budget.

More and more it is user departments that have budgets with part of that allocated to IT.

If you want to succeed you must adapt to this.

Major Systems Needed Company Wide

There have to be major systems which are company-wide if companies are to use their data effectively and the systems of different departments have to integrate properly. So there will still be central systems paid out of a central IT Budget.

Success as an IT Contractor
Success as an IT Contractor

However, users are, in greater numbers, bypassing their IT division. They buy in especially packaged software direct from external suppliers out of their own budgets.

As contractors know, user departments have always wanted to do this as they are suspicious of IT departments and especially those in charge of them who they suspect of pulling the wool over their eyes.

External Suppliers for Cloud Services

External suppliers are getting user departments to sign up to cloud services.

IT Contractors may find themselves, in the future, being hired directly by these departments who need to be able to use these new technologies but who may not want to enlist the services of their own IT departments.

Contractor Good Relationships with Business Users

There have been many contractors at companies who have built up good relationships with particular users at companies and who have become the go-to guys for a lot of users, especially ones who don‘t trust their own IT departments or IT managers.

In the future more of these go-to contractors could be working with the users to help them implement their new software and to integrate them with the common systems at the company and to structure their data correctly so they can extract management information from it.

Successful IT Contractor
Becoing a Successful IT Contractor

That has always been the main problem with user departments who have gone their own way using someone in their department who has managed to learn some skills.

They don‘t take into account the data structure and how it will integrate with the main systems at the company to mix their own data with central data to get good business and management information.

Leaving CVs for User Departments

Previously contractors, when their time was up at a company they would leave their CV with contact details with managers in the IT department.

Nowadays they should leave CV and contact information also with any user department where they have worked.

They may find that they can go straight into the user department as a contractor immediately after they finish their contract with the IT department.

Opportunity for more Contracting Work

Many contractors have gained credibility with users and sometimes users have intervened to make sure those contractors have been kept on.

successful interviews for contractors
Successful Interviews for contractors

User departments‘ Directors usually have more clout than the IT Directors at companies.

Now, more and more, contractors could be hired directly by user departments – and the IT department won‘t be able to pull the wool over their eyes any more, as the users have their own guru, who may well know more than any of the permies, including the managers, in the IT department.

How the users will love that!

If you want to succeed, take heed of the above.

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