If you want IT Contracts – Beware of This

want IT Contracts
want IT Contracts

Want IT Contracts

The article If You Want IT Contracts was written by Gerry McLaughlin.

Social Media

A report just released by Adecco, the world‘s biggest recruitment company shows how companies use, or intend to use, social media websites to find out more about you.

According to the report 70% of companies, use, or intend to use them, to decide if they should hire someone or not.

Not only that, 24% of companies agree that social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are having a large impact on how ‘talent is recruited, measured, and managed‘.


If you want IT Contracts you should take note of this.

Big Brother

Big Brother is here – and he is you!

You are watching yourself, and providing information on yourself, to those who will decide if you should get work or not.

This needs a bit of care here if you want IT Contracts in the future.


However, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Knowing this means that you can do something about it.

Perhaps not everything on the worldwide web about you is positive – but you can make sure it is from now on.

Advantage You

In fact, you could use it to your advantage if you want IT Contracts – knowing that potential hirers can see it.

How would they know if it was true?

They are hardly going to tell you at the interview that they have been googling you prior to the interview to find to more about you.

As we know, interviewers don‘t even do much checking of CVs – never mind information they find out about you on the internet.

They‘re never going to say ‘Were you really the highest ranked contractor in the whole of BT in 2013 like we saw on the internet’?

Downside when You Want IT Contracts

Of course, there is the downside.

Someone may have written something about you, true or untrue, that appears on the web.

Someone who may have been thinking of hiring you may see it.

It may have happened already and you may have lost work without even knowing it.

Wrongful Statement

I remember doing a search under my name on the internet and the main ‘piece of information‘ about me was that I was a paedophile.

Of course, this comment came from one of our more rabid contributors in the Comments section after an article. He also said I was Canadian (I‘m not saying that‘s as bad).

However, for some strange reason that was what came up first in a Google search. It was there for years too.

Gone Now

I just checked and it appears to have gone now.

Who knows, though, if I may have lost any potential advertisers because of it.

Probably not, as the vast majority of readers have good sense here – but you never know.


It just shows you though, if you want IT Contracts you have to be aware of this.

If 24% of companies are saying what they find on Google has a major impact on their hiring that‘s something that you need to bear in mind.


– If you have found this article on Google in years to come, and are checking me out as a fit person to advertise with, I am a heterosexual Scotsman and not a paedophile Canadian.

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