If You are Good, You will get Work Despite Migrant Workers


I Don‘t Complain

I’ve been replaced on contracts by permie employees-British born, who are cheaper. I’ve even provided “X-training” for potential replacements, quite willingly (invariably they get in a mess at some future point and I get called-in). I didn’t go writing to David Cameron complaining about losing the work.

So if I as a contractor gets replaced by a permie, it‘s almost always by someone whose cheaper (I’ve never known otherwise). Whether that person is British born/resident, or an Indian is not my problem, or my concern.

As Dawn Primarolo mentioned longtime ago, a company should be able to employ an individual from anywhere (although I was a bit disturbed that that statement came from a Paymaster General who should be intent on collecting tax). And the key word is “employment”.

I‘m Not an Employee

As a contractor I am not an employee, I’m not a disguised employee, a temp, or to some degree after IR35 came out, even a contractor. I run a small knowledge-based business, and my clients take my “business” on, not on the basis of cost, but because they need the skills (which is why I haven’t accepted a rate drop yet).

If they subsequently bring someone in and he/she principally speaks English, or Hindi, or Arabic, then if he/she has comparable skills and experience and is cheaper, then good luck to them, and good luck to my client. I always leave the site with my manager grateful for his bottle of Irish, and my parting handshake (knowing that invariably I’ll be back).

Yet I’ve never been replaced by a permie (or whatever nationality) who was more experienced than I.

Less Skilled

Without fail I’ve handed over to a less skilled individual. And its the same with Indian imports-do they have 10 years experience gained from 30+ clients, backed by relevant certifications, and written letters of appreciation from satisfied clients? Do they heck; they have at most one years experience, gained with a single client (i.e. the off-shore subsidiary of their new employer) following a degree course.

And the Brit permie?

Not much better really; he/she will be the former MVS Op/Analyst who has switched to Open Systems only because the firm got rid of its Amdahl.

If the Government wishes to ship-in a hoot-load of “skilled” (and I use that term very loosely) immigrants to benefit firms who don’t wish to use UK-born/resident contractors, then that’s a matter for them.

I Tidy Up

The real issue (the only issue) is the loss of UK jobs to off-shore, as that doesn’t benefit the UK, or indeed the firms whose long-term future is likely to be decimated by the policy.

Tom Peters-inspired UK/US firms are fascinated with the desire to “cut-costs” (when do you hear the word “quality” anymore?)

I trade in quality and not cost, and the axiom remains the same; “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

But I don’t mind tidying-up after the monkeys.