Permanent Job – I went Permie. What a bummer!

Permanent Job
Permanent Job

Took Permanent Job

This is from a reader who took a permanent job..

After having a somewhat bumpy ride contracting for the last few years and having an 18 month layoff, my better half insisted that I go for permanent employment.

She wanted more stability. I was not too unhappy with the idea. Moreover, I had run out of DIY jobs to do so the time was right to return to work.

I got a job with a local company that I knew a long time. It was probably one of my best jobs ever. It was mentally stimulating in the extreme and every day was different.

A dream job! The only problem was that it didn’t pay that well, and I was looking to buy a house. So I decided to start looking around for another job paying somewhat more.

Contacted by Recruitment Agency for Permanent Job

In January an agency recruiting for an outsourcing company contacted me. I attended the interview that was technically searching and the work that was on offer on the customer site sounded interesting.

Then I gave my notice at the old job and waited to start the new one. I was sad to leave the previous place, and I helped them recruit my replacement and we overlapped by a few weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Permanent Job Disappeared

A week before my new job was due to start, I got a phone call from my new employer to say that, due to a re-organisation, my job had disappeared. They also hinted that a number of existing jobs would be going also. They paid me one weeks pay as per the contract and that was it.

Legal yes, but not very moral!

My old company kept me on for another month (without me asking) and so I was out of work.


After two month enjoying the sun, I am about to start a contract in a week and can’t really see myself going permanent again.

The idea that the word permie has any relationship to the word permanent is an illusion. My wife has now realised this and is happy for me to stay contracting rather than taking a permie job.

There will be no more permanent jobs for me. There’s no such thing as a permanent job.

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