IT Contractor Blacklist – I was blacklisted by Project Manager

IT Contractor Blacklist Story
IT Contractor Blacklist Story

IT Contractor Blacklist

A regular reader posted this article, about an IT Contractor blacklist, as Comments after an article of ours.

A guy called Dave W****n lacklisted me for a long running IT Project which was in in Longbenton, Newcastle.

Agencies submitted my CV about 5 times. However, I kept getting rejections at CV stage.

Eventually I told agencies they were wasting their time due to this guy who I’d worked with as both a permie and contractor.

Agent Queried Contractor Rejection

After about the 10th rejection, an agent queried why despite being perfectly suitable for the role(s) they kept rejecting me.

Agency Blacklist for contractors
Agency Blacklist for contractors

It seems that Dave W****n had ‘issues’ with me.

Strange he didn‘t have the courage to say that to my face when we last worked together. In fact his parting words were ‘no doubt we’ll work together again soon’!

Mental Breakdown

Best part is he had a breakdown some time later and had to go back to permiedom.

Have to say I pissed myself at his breakdown!

IT Contractor Comment

While not condoning your celebrations at this guy’s mental breakdown, we still think it is a bit much for him to continue to reject you just because of personal issues.

Though you didn’t elucidate on what those are.

IT Contractors should help out each other rather than try and put each other down.

It would be awful to think that when one was out of work and needing the money to pay the mortgage and car loans and feed the family that you are not getting work just becasue some oher contractor has ‘issues’ with you.

By the way there is no such thing as an agencies blacklist of contractors as that would be illegal.

However, individual recruitment consultants at individual agencies may decide against using a contractor they know.

And, of course, individual contractors may want to blacklist an agency.