Identity Theft – I stole contractors identity

Identity Theft
Identity Theft

Identity Theft

We received this, about identity theft, from a reader.

A contractor mate of mine (who worked at the company I worked for) went abroad for a while. He was taking some time off.

I have the same skills, but only 12 months experience in IT and never a contracting role.

I had a copy of his CV on my PC as I had asked him what a CV should look like.

So, I sent off the CV to a few agencies and for a few contract jobs. I thought I would chance it to see what happens.

I went for an interview two weeks ago for one contract and got it.

Lo and behold I start next week – on a whopping 350 pounds a week. I was only on 20 grand a year before that so that’s more than 4 times my salary.

Interview at Same Place

My mate won’t be back for a year, so he’ll never know – unless, of course he ever goes for an interview at the same place.

I may even decide to keep his identity for the first two or three contracts after he comes back. After that, I’ll just use the contract experience that I’ve got and change the name back to my own.

I should be all right as long as they don’t take any references.

I know it’s identity theft but it’s not doing anybody any harm.

Life is wonderful now.

Three or four years of this and I’ll retire and go to Barbados.

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