I should have been a sex god, sunning myself on a beautiful island

Sex God
Sex God

Sex God Contractor

A reader supplied the Sex God article to us in reply to an article from an Aussie ‘Contractor IT Horror Story – in the scrap yard at just 31’.

Complaining Won‘t Help

I can only sympathise having been in a similar position myself. However bemoaning “what should have been” won’t help.

Personally I should have been a sex god, fantastically wealthy and sunning myself on the shores of a beautiful island in the Maldives. However life ain’t like that and there is no point wishing things were different. They’re not.

You are where you are and the only important thing is what are you going to do now to make it better.

You can’t change the past, only the future!

Present Contract Role

I went through around 750 applications before getting my present contract role (I was permanent before). All my savings went too and we built up some big debts. We almost lost our house.

At the same time my wife was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through two major ops and radiotherapy. Fortunately she is in remission.

Unfortunately for most of us life doesn’t lay down the red carpet and say – here you go – easy street. If it does for a while then enjoy it, but don’t expect it.

Stop sitting there feeling sorry for yourself and start thinking about what you CAN do.

Start Up a Business

Start up a business, try looking for work further afield, even abroad. Change careers.


You have age on your side.

All I can say is that anyone thinking IT is a road paved with gold and a life of luxury anymore is likely to be disappointed.

Best of luck.

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