Applying Through Job Boards – I never get any IT Contracts That Way

Applying Through Job Boards
Applying Through Job Boards

Applying Through Job Boards

A reader added the Applying Through Job Boards article as Comments by a reader after an article.

What I’ve generally found is this:

Most of the interviews I got over the past two years are in one of the following two ways:

1. A client advertises in my local paper and I apply.

2. Agents contact me about a role out of the blue.

Hardly Ever Shortlisted

They hardly ever shortlist me from a direct application to a jobs board. Applying through job boards doesn’t work for me.

In that scenario they have to filter you out from typically 200 applications for each vacancy.

Whereas when the agent contacts you they’ve already filtered you, so you stand more chance.

Many job board ‘jobs’ are fake job ads anyway.

Applying Through Job Boards –  Jobserve

In fact in my last contract back in January I had applied to JobServe ad and got an auto-reply from the agency saying that due to the overwhelming response only those shortlisted will be contacted.

However, another agency phoned me up about the same role out of the blue, put me forward and I got the contract.

I never was contacted by the first agency.

Getting Onto Agency’s System

The only reason for applying through job boards like JobServe, etc., is so that you get onto the agency’s system.

At least then they might call you up out of the blue some weeks or months later.

As far as I am concerned job boards are a complete waste of time. That’s except as an introduction to agencies.

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