Agency Revenge – I need to sabotage a contractor. An agent

Agency Revenge
Agency Revenge

Agency Revenge

This text, about agency revenge on a contractor, was found on the Forum of the now defunct and I thought it was worth sharing with unwary contractors. Recruitment agencies are up to all he tricks.

Agent 1

I just found a candidate who is going for an interview at a company that I am recruiting for, via another agency.

At present I have 2 candidates out of 3, and this 3rd person is posing a threat to my placement.

What is the best way to sabotage this deal?

Do I call the candidate and pitch him the same job, but at the same time plant seeds of doubt that the company are going nowhere?


Do I call the client and tell them I found another candidate and pitch to him, but at the same time plant seeds of doubt that the candidate is not strong enough for the role?

For your information It‘s an Oracle financials role in London.

Any other suggestions – help appreciated.

Agent 2

I would phone the candidate, tell him the market is picking up, and there are plenty of opportunities to pick from.

Oh, and that his skill is in high demand,

He will get a big head, be arrogant, and probably convey that to your client.

Happy Sabotaging!

Agent 3

Call him with 2 jobs – one fiction, one the one he is out to already.

Brief him and tell him that the fictional client is the best bet because the other client quite often doesn’t pay the bills.

Best to make the call as Harley Headhunter from XYZ recruitment in case he still attends and asks the client about it.

Agent 1 Again

Thanks for that idea, I think I will try something along those lines.

IT Contractor Comment

It‘s always wise for contractors to be aware of the ‘tricks‘ that agents can get up to.

Another one to store in the back of your mind in case it happens to you.

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