False CV – I lied on my CV and at the interview and now I have the job

False CV
False CV

False CV Successful

A reader has a false CV but it got him an interview where he lied again and got the contract. Here is his story.

I have been out of work for quite some time. A guy I know had already been for the interview and told me the answers. Now I have got the job. I start on Monday and as I do not have the skills I am a little fearful.

There was a technical test and I passed it with flying colours even though I didn’t know the skill. The reason was that my mate had prepared me for the interview beforehand.

He works there already, although I won‘t be on the same team as him.

Well Paid Job

The job is very well paying and I am in a desperate financial situation. I do need that money and I am not going to give up this job. It was like a dream come true to get it. I would have done anything.

The trouble is that I know nothing of the skill at all and I am terrified that I‘ll be found out in my first week and ignominiously sacked.

Do you have any advice in this Dr. McLaughlin?

Have you ever come across this before?

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Surgery

It may surprise you but I have actually. I was the one who coached someone else for the job. It was a good few years ago and the job was in Paris. A mate of mine fancied coming but he didn‘t have the skills.

I gave him a book on it and I also prepared him for the questions that would be asked.

He passed with flying colours also.

Off we went to France.

False CV – Alarm Bells

Everything would have been fine as I told him that I would help him through it. However, after the first week or two he said that he felt that he didn‘t need my help any longer and that CICS was a ‘piece of p*ss‘ in his words.

That was the first danger signal.

A few days later I heard that he was being kicked out.

The idiot had been out drinking with a few others in the team from the software house that was working in Paris. I wasn‘t there. He told them all about the interview and how I had coached him.

One of the new permie Project Leaders from the software house was there. He stupidly though that she would keep this piece of information to herself.

Nearly Took Me

I very nearly got kicked out for it as well, but they decided to give me a few days to see how I was doing. They kept me on, but as you can imagine I wasn‘t the most popular person with the bosses.

My advice to you would be to take the job as long as your buddy promises to help you out. Most skills don‘t take too long to pick up.

Your client is unlikely to find out straight away. If it takes a few weeks then you have a precious few weeks pay plus a few weeks experience in the skill.

Even if they find out that you have less knowledge than they thought and are behind schedule, they might still keep you on.

Of course, you might pick it up quickly with your friend‘s help and thrive with the new skill.

Don‘t Tell About False CV

Whatever you do, though, don‘t be a complete dolt and decide that you need to tell someone at the company about your ‘exploit‘. I bet you will feel tempted to at some stage – especially when you feel you are secure.

Remember the chance that your friend took to get you the job. If you put his job in jeopardy then you will deserve everything you get.

It wouldn‘t do any harm either to ask your friend for some notes or a book on the skill so that you will be a little up to speed on the theory at least before you go there on Monday.

Keep us in touch with what happens.

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