Fake Job Ads – I know for a fact agencies advertise jobs they don’t have

Fake Job Ads
Fake Job Ads

Fake Job Ads

I know for a fact that recruitment agencies indulge in fake job ads.

I had had occasional contact with a small agency. The person seemed a reasonable decent type.

My last contract ended and I was looking for the next one.

I found a role via Jobserve and got an interview.

The agency who I had had previous contact with gave me a call about that role, but I told him I had an interview arranged.

I went to the interview and got the contract.

Small Agency Rang

About a week into the new contract I picked up the phone for my boss and it was the chap from the small agency.

We had a brief chat and he wished me well.

I took a message for my new boss to call him back.

HOWEVER, when I told her that he’d called, she said that there was no way that he could offer a contract there because they had a sole-agency contract (with the big name agency I’d gone via).

She did say that he might be able to come to an arrangement with the sole agency, but it obviously wasn’t in place!

Now I’m all for drumming up business and so-on, and I might one day work via that small agency.

But the fact still remains they WERE trying to recruit for a contract they did not have.

Fake job ads are the curse of the contracting industry.

IT Contractor Comment

Have any other readers experienced agencies posting these fake job ads for contracts that they do not have?

Let us know of your experiences of it in the comments section below.

It must often happen that contractors believe that they have a good chance of getting work through an agency when the agency never had any prospect at all of getting them work at that client’

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