Indian Software Developer Replacement – I have to train him up

Indian Software developer Replacement for Contractor
Indian Software Developer Replacement for Contractor

Indian Software Developer Replacement

Derek has contacted us to tell us that he has to train his Indian software developer replacement.

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Derek – Dr. McLaughlin, my contract in Nottingham will run out in two weeks and they have asked me to train my software developer replacement. This is someone who has come into the country via the IT work permits programme.


I‘m going to be out of work as I don‘t have a contract to go to. Also, I‘m thinking of telling them to stuff it, that I‘m not training up someone who is causing me to be out of work.

I‘m thinking also of giving this Fast Track Visa worker a piece of my mind too.

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Surgery

I understand your predicament, and I understand your anger.

However, it is not the fault of those who have taken advantage of an invitation to come to the UK by our Government. It is the fault of the multi-national companies and IT consultancies. They are duping the Government with duff data purporting to show that there is a massive Skills Shortage of people in IT.

It is also the fault of the Government as we don‘t elect and pay them  dupe us.

There are many UK contractors and permies working abroad. They would not like to be mistreated or abused by their co-workers. You should be professional and hand the work over to your Fast Track Visa worker in as kind and friendly manner as possible. Perhaps you can explain to him about yours and other contractors‘ current predicaments.

It‘s always possible that he could be in the same predicament himself at some point. What you should do is to report this instance to the PCG (now IPSE). That’s so that they can add it to their dossier of UK workers being replaced by non-EU workers.

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