Dead Wood Contractors – I haven’t got to the Dead Wood stage just yet

Dead Wood Contractors
Dead Wood Contractors

Dead Wood Contractors

This article, on Dead Wood Contractors, came in response to our article ‘I am not Dead Wood’

Hello my situation seems similar looking for work.

I have been out of work for about 9 months now and am also in my forties. I have experience in all from DOS to Win2K, Unix mainly, Solaris some Oracle.

Strange – all the hundreds of agencies I’m on with and not a single interview!

All the interviews I‘ve had all want people with MCSE or programming experience. I have a degree in Computing and IT and have been using NT4 Win2k since they first came out. But this does not seem to matter.

Youngsters Getting Jobs

All the jobs are going to these youngsters because employers think that someone like me is overqualified and I will be offered a better job. But of course this is not the case. Because what usually happens is that it is these youngsters who are the ones who move from job to job.

Somebody like me who has a family plus mortgage is going to stick at the next job I get. So these employers have got it totally wrong.

I applied for an ICT Tech job at the local college paying 12-14K and 76 people applied for that job, and guess what they gave it to some youngster.

I got turned down because they did not want to know that I had a company car when I worked for a previous employer….ARGGHHH!!

I’m not one of the dead wood contractors!


IT Contractor Comment

So, what are the rest of our readers seeing in the marketplace?

Do you believe that all the jobs and contracts are going to youngsters these days?

Is there ageism in contracting?

Or are there dead wood contractors?

Let us know in the comments section below.