I have not contracted since the Twin Towers collapsed


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Same Here

Hi there.

Yes… I know your plight only too well.

My last contract ended just after those towers collapsed and the Americans ran scared.

Since then I too have studied. I now have a BSc, with distinctions, but that seems little help.

I’ve taken to MiniCab driving to finance my studies. I am studying JAVA at present, hoping that this will help me.

Wasted Studies

I am now a fully legal and registered cab driver too. I have used cab driving to finance myself between contracts, in the past and have stayed with it just in case my computing career ended, for whatever reason and could use it as a fall-back option.

I feel terribly frustrated that I wasted all those years, studying, and trying to climb the greasy pole just to end up like this.

Still, lucky I can drive I suppose.

Oh well. Good luck with whatever you do and I hope you find something better than shelf-stacking or chip dispensing to finish your working life.