Contract Job Adverts – I’ve a bee in my bonnet which may be worth sharing

Contract Job Adverts
Contract Job Adverts

Contract Job Adverts

I have a bee in my bonnet, about contract job adverts, which may be worth sharing:

It is in respect of advertised jobs placed by Agents.

Why do agents who advertise jobs insist on writing about the value of their own services i.e. on Jobserve where there is a finite limit to the amount of information which may be placed.

Some insist on writing multiple lines extolling the virtues of their agency, it’s market place and values. They then put a few words about the job. Then they follow it by statements like “applicants who do not meet the specification should not apply”?

I want to read the role description not how the agent believes his company rates in the market.

Hundreds of Contract Job Ads

Furthermore I get frustrated when reading through hundreds of ads per day only to find at the end of an advert that there is a restriction such as “must be fluent in Polish” or the like and “must be security cleared” (the latter is I believe not permissible under current legislation).

Headlines such as “Polish speaking SC PM” would tell me whether it is worth reading, or not.

Don’t start me on the literacy of these people – the amount of times I see “intergration” – Let’s not go there!

Agents: please, be lucid in contract job adverts.

Richard Cotton

IT Contractor Comment

Yes, it doesn’t make any sense to stick restrictions, e.g. must be Polish speaking, at the end of job adverts.

It would save a lot of time to put them at the beginning.

It’s also strange that agencies spend so much time puffing up their agencies.

Contractors don’t really care about the agency.

They just want to know if they have a contract that suits them.

Perhaps the agency have some other ulterior motive.