IT Contractors Outsourcing – I get all my work done for me in India now

Indian IT Developers - IT Contractors Outsourcing
Indian IT Developers working offshore for UK contractors - IT Contractors Outsourcing

This was sent to us by a reader about IT Contractors outsourcing work.

We can‘t confirm its veracity or not.

IT Contractors Outsourcing – A Reader Who Works From Home

I get paid £400 a day as a developer.

As I‘ve been at this client for 18 months I have been allowed to work from home mainly, for the last 6 months or so.

I have to go in from time to time for meetings and to talk to Business Analysts / Users etc.

However, I do very little of the actual work.

India Firm Who Do My Work

Through an online site I‘ve discovered this firm in India who will do the work for $5 an hour.

Of course, sometimes they go over the time that they have quoted but at $5 an hour to do the rework that‘s no great problem.

If you look at it this way, say I‘m given three weeks to do a piece of work, on my rates that‘s £6,000 I‘d get paid for that.

However, it would only cost me $600 or £400 to get it done.

Indian IT Workers
Indian IT Workers working for UK IT Contractors

More Than One IT Contract

Of course, there has to be some involvement by me.

I‘ve got to explain it to them and then I‘ve got to test it too and that can sometimes cost me a bit extra but I‘ve still got a fair bit in hand.

I probably have to do about a day a week doing this job.

Now it strikes me that I could do more than one contract at a time.

I am hardly likely to get another contract that will allow me to work from home immediately.

Take Full Time Contract

My plan is to take another full time contract.

After the clocks go back India will be 5.5 hours ahead of us so I could do whatever communication I need to do with the Indians before I leave in the morning and do any testing and emailing them in the evening when I get back.

If I need to go to a meeting at the first client I could simply take the day or half day off for a ‘dental appointment‘ or something like that.

Hopefully after maybe six to nine months they will allow me to work from home and I can then start looking for another client.

I probably couldn‘t do it for any more than three clients unless I find one who will let me work from home immediately.

Real Money from Using Indian Developers

I make it that if I had three contracts paying me £400 a day I could earn £6,000 a week which would be around £300,000 a year.

The total cost to me would be $600 a week or £400.

Indian IT Developers in the UK
Indian IT Developers working for IT Contractors in the UK

That would be around £20,000 a year leaving me with income of £280,000 a year before deductions.

That would be a sizeable income and could earn me a million in less than 4 years.

My only worry was with the data, in case it should get out, so I don‘t give them any live data although I use that for testing it myself.

The Future is Indian Developers

I‘m surprised that more contractors don‘t do this.

Why do the work when you can someone to do it for just $5 an hour?

I think IT Contractors outsourcing work abroad is the way of the future.

Contractors who make money
Contractors who make money and those who don’t

IT Contractor Comment About IT Contractors Outsourcing

Is this a good idea – or is it dangerous?

Might the company eventually cut this guy out by going directly to the company?

Is it something you would like to do?

Let’s hear your comments below.

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    1. Companies are not stupid & this kind of practice may eventually lead to the demise of IT contracting in the UK as more & more companies go direct to India. Contract developers will be replaced by a project manager.


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