Agency Rudeness – I dont put up with agency arrogance any more

Agency Rudeness to Contractors
Agency Rudeness to Contractors

Agency Rudeness and Arrogance

This article, about agency rudeness, is from a Reader.

Some agencies interviews that I have had, have been conducted by recruitment consultants that are arrogant and rude.

If they think that I am not suitable for the job, they end the interview abruptly. They show me out of the door very quickly.

Successful Job Interview

However, if I am successful in getting a job interview with a client, the recruitment consultant always asks me to call back after the interview to give some feedback on how the interview went.

However, if I am subsequently unsuccessful in getting the job, most consultants will not have the common courtesy to call me to let me know that I was unsuccessful.

My policy, now, is not call the consultant back. I wait until they call me if they want that feedback.

Complaints About Recruitment Agencies

One of the main complaints that contractors have about recruitment agencies is that there is no legal requirement for the agencies to disclose the rate that the client pays them.

For the novice contractor, a greedy recruitment agency can take over 50% of the rate the client pays them.

As a result of my 14 years experience in contracting and in dealing with recruitment agencies I will only speak to an agency if I am actively seeking a job.

All other times, therefore, I will ignore their requests for me to return their calls or reply to their emails. I don’t put up with agency rudeness now.

Now, I never give my current contract rate. I say that I will only negotiate a rate when I am to be put forward for a job.

IT Contractor Comment

So, is agency rudeness something you’ve come across?

Do you control the interactions or do they control it?

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